I'm still not sure how seanbishop found me, but I figure I won't stand on the fence. My name is Andrew and I live in Greenfield, Mass., with my wife Lynette and dog Sprout, close enough to walk to a monument known as the Poets Seat Tower, built in memory of local poet Frederick Goddard Tuckerman. I received my MFA from UMass-Amherst, where I met Lynette, who is also a poet. In the six years since I finished my MFA, I have worked as a journalist, at The Recorder in Greenfield and the Valley Advocate. I am now freelancing. Poetically, I was a winner of the 92nd St. Y The Nation/"Discovery" prize in 2002 and a Massachusetts Cultural Council fellow in 2004. Despite all of that, I have yet to publish a book and have lately felt as if I'm clinging to the poetry life by my fingernails, slipping. With that, hello!


Good morning, team!

My name is George. It is great to be in this community. I have never before that I know of made a connection between Tony Danza & serious poetry. My home is wallpapered with (mostly) rejection letters. I used to think poetry was the burning field. The most intense parts of my day everyday are meditative practices. I spend time with composition of austere harmonies. Well I'm looking forward to hearing your senses of verse!

Song for Old Sailors

Song for Old Sailors

Eventually the world ends
for everyone. But few get the honor
of death by lava, or the moon
dropping from orbit like a wrecking ball.

Instead you wake one day
with a bulldog’s face: wrinkled and jowled,
speaking an ancient dialect of vowels
the kids don’t understand. You mourn

the price of gas in 1943, or the streets
you loved, which have all changed
their names like remarried wives.
And it gets hard just to keep being

alive in the alien world. Nothing left to do
but load up the gurney with a color TV
and a week’s libations, launch into the sea
and watch the morning news of

faraway massacres, or the discovery
of a genetic growth sequence perfect
for breeding ever-smaller Pomeranians,
massive inch worms, or curing cancer,

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Hey everyone. My name's Megan, I'm 22, and I just finished writing my senior thesis at UVA in the area poetry writing program. Currently I'm thinking about MFA I noticed some of you are already in them, maybe I can get some help with that here, in terms of what to look for or your experience in a program. Let's see...I have two cats, I like gin, and I frequently write poems about ex boyfriends. This looks like it could be a lot of fun, especially during the summer when I'm not in workshops.
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I'm Tessa. I live in Pittsburgh and feel very lucky to work in a library. I got my BA in english and spanish from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA and my MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh. I was involved in the creative writing community during my undergrad years and, though having never been a very disciplined poet, have always been compelled to write. I would describe my style as short, personal, and often clumsy.


Call me Andy Hall.

I am currently a PhD student in English at Illinois State University in Normal, IL. I am planning to focus on Creative Writing Pedagogy, although the program here is a hearty balance of linguistics, literature, and rhetoric. I have an M.F.A. from Antioch University Los Angeles, and an M.A. from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, and both are in Creative Writing. My aesthetics are pretty wide as I started reading poetry at coffeehouse open mics in Las Vegas when I was a teenager. I also have a background in Slam Poetry, which allows me to integrate my entertainer rock star fantasy into my poems, but currently, I am hoping to stay afloat in the three heady academic courses I am slooging through, and I am also teaching three composition courses over at Illinois Central College in Peoria. Whew! So forgive me if I am slow to respond... You can get a good sense of my style from watching a video in a recent post on my lj or myspace blog: same username... What else... I lost 100 pounds, and I am a space cadet, hermit, and Unitarian-Universalist. Glad to meet you all.

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Hi, I'm Sophie. I recently returned to my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA after graduating from Emerson College with a BFA in creative writing. Pittsburgh's aesthetic (abandonment, bridges, rust) and economy (shockingly cheap rent) compose ideal conditions for a writer, that is, if you're anything like me. My first chapbook, "____ Versus Recovery" will be available from Pilot Books ( in mid-May. Currently, I'm working on "The Apartment Theatre" a novel-in-verse in four voices, which I've been writing for approximately a year and a half. The other poems come and go as they please, (coy as cats), but there are a number itching to jump into someone's lap. I'm currently reading Julio Cortazar's novel "Hopscotch" - not poetry per se, but poetic. (doffs fancy hat) Pleased to meetcha.
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My name is Melanie, and I ordinarily live in Colchester, England, but am currently spending a sabbatical year in rural Andalucía, where I have bought a finca. Having published moderately widely in wee journals, I was meant to be putting together a poetry book manuscript to shop to publishers this year, but life, baby goats, and acres of bramble have somewhat intervened. I have three kids (the human kind -- ages 11, 9 and 6) and my day job is something mysterious with computers and social science data, but poetry is my passion. I'm American by birth, but have lived in Britain for more than a dozen years. A few things I'm reading at the moment are Don Paterson (his new version of Rilke's Sonnets to Orpheus is unbelievably great), Richard Wilbur (how I missed him I'll never know), John Burnside (I'm finding his Gift Songs a bit hard going at times) and an anthology of ancient Chinese poetry (pre-13th century, in translation). I generally like structure, craft, attention to musicality, and intelligible syntax, and I often write in form.


My name is Maggie, and my game is poetry...(sorta)...I am an engineer of words and find poetry to be the utmost of challenges. I have a degree in English Education with a minor in Theatre and German, but I'm in the marketing business. This allows me time to work on my craft and appreciate life. I live in Austin, TX, and I participate in a biweekly writing group called The Writin' Hole, which is comprised of writers I trust and respect. We give each other critique and discuss the life and work of two poets each month. I am pleased to have been asked to join this community and look forward to throwing raw and troublesome work your way and vice versa.  Happy Day To You All!