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Hi, I'm Tim. I live in Los Angeles with the lovely and amazing quiet_flame, and work as editor of RATTLE. After graduating from the University of Rochester in 2003, I lounged around as an overnight counselor at a group home, taking advantage of a lot of down time to write -- poetry, fiction, garbage, etc -- and then stumbled ass-backward into this fine situation. I can't complain. My poems have appeared in a lot of my favorite journals, but I still get rejected constantly from the big powerhouses. My first book-length collection, American Fractal, is on the verge of being published...I hope. For sample poems and a bit of video, you can check out this tag at my more 'professional' blog. The extremely diligent can track back through my entire writing career by 'joining' timothy_green.

Anyway, reading through the guidelines and introductions, I have to say that I'm very impressed with this community. It's organized very thoughtfully, and the members indeed seem like real 'poets-for-life.' Good job, Sean. Looking forward to this.
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