notes of a blue ink body (mysneaker) wrote in tonystanza,
notes of a blue ink body

Hi, I'm Sophie. I recently returned to my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA after graduating from Emerson College with a BFA in creative writing. Pittsburgh's aesthetic (abandonment, bridges, rust) and economy (shockingly cheap rent) compose ideal conditions for a writer, that is, if you're anything like me. My first chapbook, "____ Versus Recovery" will be available from Pilot Books ( in mid-May. Currently, I'm working on "The Apartment Theatre" a novel-in-verse in four voices, which I've been writing for approximately a year and a half. The other poems come and go as they please, (coy as cats), but there are a number itching to jump into someone's lap. I'm currently reading Julio Cortazar's novel "Hopscotch" - not poetry per se, but poetic. (doffs fancy hat) Pleased to meetcha.
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