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My name is Melanie, and I ordinarily live in Colchester, England, but am currently spending a sabbatical year in rural Andalucía, where I have bought a finca. Having published moderately widely in wee journals, I was meant to be putting together a poetry book manuscript to shop to publishers this year, but life, baby goats, and acres of bramble have somewhat intervened. I have three kids (the human kind -- ages 11, 9 and 6) and my day job is something mysterious with computers and social science data, but poetry is my passion. I'm American by birth, but have lived in Britain for more than a dozen years. A few things I'm reading at the moment are Don Paterson (his new version of Rilke's Sonnets to Orpheus is unbelievably great), Richard Wilbur (how I missed him I'll never know), John Burnside (I'm finding his Gift Songs a bit hard going at times) and an anthology of ancient Chinese poetry (pre-13th century, in translation). I generally like structure, craft, attention to musicality, and intelligible syntax, and I often write in form.
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